Mission Cocktails Old Fashioned

Mission Craft Cocktails Old Fashioned

From the Brand: A tried-and-true classic with premium barrel-aged bourbon whiskey infused with orange and aromatic Angostura bitters. Keep it simple with a cube in a rocks glass. Mission Craft Cocktails gives cocktail lovers the quality they deserve while satisfying their craving for purpose.

We believe in placing just as much care in one another as we do the cocktails we craft. So a classic drink with the best ingredients doesn’t just taste good, it does good. Where big taste meets big hearts, and authentic spirits are public-spirited. From the locally-sourced Californian ingredients and carefully chosen suppliers and partners, to the 5% of proceeds that gets poured right back into the communities they came from. To the ones who like to give back while they throw one back, welcome to the Mission.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Old Fashioned

"Phenomenal aroma that screams exceptionality from the moment you open the bottle and start pouring and with a taste to match. A truly high-end pre-mixed Old Fashioned."

"You probably couldn't make a better version of this cocktail yourself if you tried. Sweet. Citrusy. Bitter. Bourbony (is that even a word?). This one has it all and then some. Remarkably well done."
"We've sampled other premium quality pre-mixed Old Fashioned cocktails and this is another to add to your must try list. Everything you'd want to find in an OF. Simply exquisite."

"Bar-crafted cocktail meets bottle. This is an exceptional RTD Old Fashioned that is more than deserving of its platinum medal award status. Beautiful color from the bottle to the glass with rich bourbon and sweet citrus flavors. Your guests will most definitely be impressed."


Where To Buy Mission Craft Cocktails RTD Old Fashioned

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this platinum medal winning pre-made Old Fashioned? For more information about Mission Craft Cocktails, their mission on giving back to the community, and where to find their RTD Old Fashioned cocktail, visit www.MissionCocktails.com
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