Good Boy Vodka’s Celebrity Partnered Canned Cocktails And A Mission To Do Good

Good Boy Vodka Canned Cocktails

Good Boy Vodka has three lines of premium canned cocktails – Good Boy Vodka Seltzers, John Daly Cocktails, and Travis Pastrana Citrus Circus.

 Good Boy Vodka Seltzers

Good Boy Vodka Seltzers

Good Boy Vodka entered into the RTD category with their line of 4 delicious seltzers: Cranberry & Pineapple, Tropical Strawberry Hibiscus, Summer Watermelon, and Peach & Mango. “Our seltzers are crafted with all natural fruit extracts and juices, soda water, our very own premium vodka, and a pinch of Stevia to add that little bit of sweetness” stated Alex Pratt, Good Boy Vodka’s founder and CEO. “All of our seltzers are only 95 calories, have low carbohydrates, no added sugars, and are minimally carbonated, making them very light and refreshing, and easy to drink.”

Good Boy Vodka John Daly Cocktails

Good Boy Vodka John Daly Cocktails
Soon after the development of Good Boy Vodka’s seltzer line, Pratt’s friend and well known professional golfer, John Daly, decided to formulate the ever so popular John Daly Cocktail into a top notch canned cocktail. Daly is well known for his outspoken personality and his controversial lifestyle as much as he is known for his golf game. “Whether you agree with his lifestyle choices or not, John does things his own way.” Pratt mentioned. “We appreciate partnering with individuals that don’t toe the line.” Good Boy Vodka’s line of John Daly Cocktails offer four naturally flavored teas + lemonade: original iced tea, raspberry iced tea, blackberry iced tea, and peach iced tea. The John Daly Cocktail cans display a silhouette of his iconic backswing and phrase “Grip it & Rip it.” With only 95 calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sugars, and zero carbonation, these cocktails are a must try.

 Good Boy Vodka Travis Pastrana Citrus Circus

Good Boy Vodka Citrus Circus

The third, and most recent, addition to the Good Boy Vodka brand is the Travis Pastrana Citrus Circus. Action sports legend and stunt performer, Travis Pastrana, has won championships on two wheels, four wheels and offshore powerboats while taking home 11 X Games gold medals and performing record breaking stunts around the world. Inspired by the Maryland Orange Crush cocktail, Citrus Circus is a fan favorite! Pastrana, born and raised in Maryland, wanted to replicate his favorite drink of choice without the added sugars and calories that are typically found in a Maryland Orange Crush. Pratt stated “Travis is another individual we were thrilled to partner with. His contagious energy and unparalleled desire to push the boundaries in action sports is something we can get behind.” Good Boy Vodka kept Citrus Circus at 110 calories with no added sugars. It is all natural with no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and is absolutely delicious!

The Good Boy Foundation

Good Boy Vodka Good Boy Foundation

In addition to all of Good Boy Vodka’s line of canned cocktails and incredible partnerships, they are committed to fostering a culture of philanthropy that extends beyond mere product consumption. “We believe in the power of giving back, particularly to those who have served our nation and the loyal companions who stand by their side. Our dedication to supporting veterans and K9 dogs is not just a facet of our brand; it's ingrained in our ethos.” Pratt revealed.


For more information about Good Boy Vodka, their dedication to supporting veterans plus their loyal K-9 companions, and where to find all of their vodka-based canned cocktails and vodka seltzers, visit their website at

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