Saint Spritz Introduces Two New Italian Spritz Cocktails

Saint Spritz Ready-To-Drink Italian Spritz Cocktails

Saint Spritz is bringing the Italian coast to you this summer with the addition of two new ready-to-drink Italian spritz cocktail flavors — Hugo and Sicily — to go along with their award-winning Amalfi spritz, securing their top spot as the unofficial spritz of summer.

Last summer, Saint Spritz entered the RTD cocktail scene with the beloved orange bittersweet aperitivo spritz, the Amalfi Spritz. The founders: JoJo Fletcher, Ben Patton, and Mallory Patton spent the summer in Italy and found themselves readily mixing up spritzes while entertaining when they returned stateside. They quickly got tired of playing bartender and wasting perfectly good prosecco that went flat in the back of the fridge. The result was a perfectly concocted, consistent tasting, and more convenient spritz in a can.

Saint Spritz Ready-To-Drink Italian Spritz Cocktail Founders JoJo Fletcher and Mallory Patton
Saint Spritz Ready-To-Drink Italian Spritz Cocktail Founders JoJo Fletcher (left) and Mallory Patton (right)
This summer aims to be the apex of spritzing for the brand: Three iconic Italian inspired spritzes ready to be consumed (and Instagrammed) all summer long. With the launch of Sicily and Hugo, the brand has rounded up the all stars of iconic spritzes. The Sicily, which is a basil limonata spritz, is crisp and refreshing and deliciously crushable. The Hugo is an elderflower, mint, and lime spritz that is both herbal and delicately sweet. Saint Spritz is the first to have made the Hugo spritz purple in color, which was a decision fueled by the brands' popularity on Instagram. All three flavors are true to the brand profile of liquid that is not overly sweet and has no added sugars or dyes found in other popular spritzes on the market.

The brand has a strong presence in Texas with a mandate at H-E-B, Total Wine statewide, Tom Thumb/Albertsons, select Target stores, Eataly and many more. The brand also has distribution in California and Florida and is growing into other markets. Saint Spritz is available direct to your doorstep in most US States via with a la carte and subscription options. Visit their website to find more information on where to shop Saint Spritz and follow along @saintspritz for all of the lust-worthy images of their tagline "a departure in every can."



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